Time Machine Balloon

Adventure Letters

A thrilling series that takes your child on captivating time travel journeys!

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embark on an epic time travel adventure!

Immerse your young readers in thrilling tales, delivered to your door twice a month. Each letter, written by Jake or Sophie, brings a sense of friendship and adventure. Dive into gripping stories while uncovering fascinating historical facts. Plus, engage in exciting STEAM projects that challenge young minds!

Step aboard the Time Machine Balloon and unlock a world of learning, wonder, and endless fun!

Fun STEAM projects with each letter

Science project with mom


Technology and accounting concept


Creative kids working on the tech project at school


Family Art Project


Math toy with number and math shapes for kid education


Bring the adventure to life with fun and engaging

projects included with each letter.

”The stories are exciting and the projects are fun to make. I felt like I was traveling with Jake and Sophie.”

— Natalie, a young reader.

Great addition to

homeschool curriculum!

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Parents Teaching Their Kids

Reading is quality time TOGETHER

Reading is the perfect opportunity for parents and grandparents to bond with the children in their life. Time Machine Balloon Adventure Letters can be read together in person, or over long distances. If you live far away from your young reader, a letter subscription is a great way to stay connected by planning regular phone, FaceTime, or Zoom calls to read each letter together.

“Time Machine adventure letters have been great for my daughter. She actually looks forward to getting her letter in the mail because she can read it with very little help, and then we make the project together, which makes reading time so much better. Love these letters!”

— Tonia, grateful mom.

Give the gift of a

snail-mail experience

Remember the excitement of getting a fun letter in the mail with your name on it? Gift that same feeling to a young reader in your life with our adventure letters.

A delightful alternative for readers who may feel overwhelmed by chapter books. These letters strike a perfect balance of length and challenge, making them both enjoyable and educational. Each letter arriving in a vibrant orange envelope featuring a captivating hot air balloon, becomes a much-anticipated treasure, igniting your young reader's enthusiasm for the written word. Foster your child's love for reading with this wonderful experience!

I was really amused at how my daughter read these pages of what she would usually say was too much “small print,” and would refuse to read it in book form. But because of the form of these “letters” it tricked her into reading them. She is an excellent reader, but has ADHD, so too much reading can be overwhelming to her. This really caught her interest! Then, she did an activity that taught about maps and directions. Definitely recommend.

-A Homeschool Mom

How it works

Purchase for young independent readers, ages 6-11, or to read to younger children.

Check your mailbox for twice monthly letters full of adventure, STEAM projects, and activities.

Spend time together experiencing adventures through history and making fun projects.

More than just a book, it’s an experience

Time travel adventures and exciting history

Follow Jake and Sophie as they travel through time with their parents to exciting events in history. They will solve mysteries and save the day! Each letter will make checking the mail exciting.

Hand drawn illustrations

Each letter has hand drawn, colorful illustrations to excite the eyes and ignite the imagination. The beautiful illustrations bring the story to life and engage young readers.

*Bonus coloring pages as a gift from our talented illustrator included in each letter.

Educational steam projects with each letter

Our teachers design fun and creative projects to make each letter an immersive experience. Children will have fun and feel as if they are right there with Jake and Sophie on each adventure.



$12.99 per month

Two letters mailed


3 Months

$35.99 billed every 3 months for six letters mailed bi-weekly.

Digital Options


$8.99 per month

Two letters emailed

each month

3 Months

$23.99 billed every 3 months for total of six letters, emailed twice per month.

*Physical letters will NOT be sent with digital options. Digital products are for your use only and cannot be shared with anyone outside your household

Are you a teacher or school administrator looking for a creative and new way to foster a love of reading in your students?

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Time Machine Balloon Adventure Letters

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